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Magic by katze-des-grauens

    It's time to delve into the world of MLP and find out what we think about that purple alicorn we see so often. Here's some food for thought and a few features of your fellow artists in our group.

    Twilight Sparkle; faithful student, intrepid hero, and dedicated friend. Many of us have followed and fallen in love with the protagonist of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, from the start of the show. But she has come a long way from being Celestia’s star pupil searching for friends. Five seasons later, she is not only a princess with her own castle, but wields more power than most anypony has ever before. The question is, has it changed her?

    Twilight is still the bookish knowledge-seeker who is eager to help those in need and spread friendship throughout Equestria. We saw it in season 4 and can see that clearly in season 5 so far; but is there something else missing? In one opinion, we see less of the Twilight who was so eager to prove herself to her mentor and friends, and more of an independent figure yearning to aid others. There seems to be less times for books and studies as Princess Twilight gains responsibilities.

    On one side she has only become more like Celestia, in that she has been guiding and helping her friends (and even strangers) with their problems. Does that mean less of the old Twilight? I think that perhaps it does. After all, there has been scant few lessons left for her to learn, and more for her to teach.

    Yet, we caught a glimpse of that adorably awkward and socially unstable pony we all got to know so well. From wearing pancakes and part of the forest in her mane, to scarfing her face with hayburgers or a completely new hairdo, there is still hope Twilight will retain a part of herself. Only time will tell for sure.

    What do you think? Is Twilight still the same old pony we saw five years ago, or is she forever changed? If she has changed, is it for the better, or have we lost a part of the hero we loved? (Or are these the overstatements of a random journal?) You decide.

Pillow fight by The1Xeno1 Readin' by ChiweeeBeautifull Memories by MrCbleck I'm Pancake! by Yuukon New mane by Chickhawk96 Tomorrow land by GiangHanez2880
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Fluttershy sexy-DJ (version with outfit soon) by HalfDeathShadow

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Rarity's New Dress by RegolithX


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Ponies, pirates and glitter
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[AT] Bronze eyes by LillyCheeseHistorias de orgullo, honor y oro by LillyCheeseFuegos Fatuos  by LillyCheese

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Name - 15 points
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For more information about payment and application please contact us via a group note or talk to AnotherPony directly

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:bulletwhite: The quality of art doesn't matter
:bulletyellow: Most importantly, Have Fun!!!

(If you choose not to follow these rules you may be kicked out!)

Celestia and Luna Hugging (Luna Major Ver.) by 90Sigma

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:bulletblack: If you have any questions about anything, just ask!

You don't want to mess with AJ by DaringDashie

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There are a couple reasons why your submission might have been denied. Make sure you read the rules above to see if you have broken any of them. One common reason your submission may have been denied is because it could have been submitted to the wrong folder. Usually we don't tell people why their art was denied because we get hundreds of submissions a day and it gets way too time consuming. We have real life to attend too and just don't always have the time to explain things to every single person. If your art was denied and you feel you haven't broken any of the rules, PLEASE contact Rayne-Feather or PhillipthePuma so we may help correct the situation. Thank you!

Rainbow Dash Hugs Vector by kittyhawk-contrail

Why Can't I Hold All These Papers? by Gratlofatic

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Nerdy Twi by xRainbowSugar



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I myself am not an MLP fan BUT I'm looking for a Plushie doll maker ASP who I can commission to do a birthday gift for my bro bronie.

If you are that person, or know a person who can make awesome (not all too expensive) MLP oc plushies, sent me a note and show your stuff. THANK YOU ALL!
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I am holding a MLP OCT if your interested in joining please check out the group. Meet new friends with the possibility of winning some cool prizes :)

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Hey everypony, Today it's my birthday!!! :D
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Hey guys. I have a question about submiting groups. Like sometimes I got a villian and a hero. So it goes to folder called group? Since group means more than 2 characters. Just asking to make sure Im putting pics in right folder
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xjr154040 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015

There's a guy known as Armandocop. He's a Mexican troll.
He hates all bony art and steals it to be posted and hummilated on his facebook group.
Above all the MLP sexy art. Or Equestria Girls.

He´s crazy, he requests offensive deviations if he dislikes your art.
Also he hates autistic people and he thinks all bronies are sick, pervert ot autistic.

Check out my journal…
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Lakword Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question. What contribiutors do exacly. I mean I know we are here to help accept and seperate art in rightfolders but can we send request to someone with amazing art to make it submited in the group? As I did try this and seems that person dint get the invite 2 tiems in the row. Is that option disabled?
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